Concordia Lutheran Church

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The Concordia Lutheran Church (Lutherska Konkordiekyrkan) is a small Free Church in Sweden with one congregation – St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.

A former clergyman in the Church of Sweden and some others, who had left the national church for confessional reasons, founded the church in 1984. St. Paul’s Church is situated in Stockholm, but services are also held in other parts of Sweden.

We are in church fellowship with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sweden, The Church on the Islands (Denmark) and St Jude The Apostle Evangelical Lutheran Church (Melbourne, Australia).

We firmly believe that the Bible is the very Word of God, which we must cling to as the sole source and foundation of all teachings in the Christian Church. We also accept the Lutheran Confessions contained in the Book of Concord, the Concordia of 1580, as true expositions of the Holy Scripture.

See more in “We Believe and Teach”.

We think that “concordia”, or a unanimous consensus in faith and doctrine based on the sacred Scriptures, is God’s will and of great importance – especially in our confused time, when many have lost all faith in divine and lasting truth.

We wish all people to search and find the sacred Scriptures as the Word of God, clear and full of Spirit and life, and to believe in his Son, Jesus Christ, as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

If you would like to know more about our church, please send mail to Jakob Fjellander (, pastor in St. Paul’s Church.

On the page Luthersk teologi there are some articles in English.




























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